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"I kept my cancelled checks for 10 years because my mom said to and whose file cabinet was considered the "Bermuda triangle"! Well, no more!!! I had checks from 1982! And the deposit slips! Well it took me three days but I shredded paper, threw out paper, and recycled paper! Cleaned out the closet and the file cabinet, got rid of an "extra" desk, and cleared off the walls (which I had been using as a bulletin board)! Bottom line - I can find anything and everything in my home office now because of Janet's program!"

-- Phyllis Glenn
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Stop Being a Victim of Paper Clutter so You Can Have a Life!

Thousands, if not millions of people have become Paperholics;
piling, filing, and boxing up useless paper clutter
they'll never need or can't find
if they do!

Are you one of them?

Paper Clutter on your Countertops

Go From This


To This
Paper's were sorted and organized into the blue stand using hanging folders and a tickler file. Address and check book are stored in the front of the stand.

Paper Clutter on your Floors

Go From This


To This
Paper's were sorted, recycled,
shredded and filed.

Paper Clutter in your Roll Top Desk

Go From This


To This
Paper's were sorted and taken to the home office, keeping just a few paper items close by and the roll top desk now houses all the meds that sat on the dining room table!

If you've ever watched Oprah or heard someone speak about her show - then you've probably heard of Dr. Phil McGraw. For awhile on Oprah, every Tuesday, Dr. Phil was conducting, along with 42 volunteers, The Get Real Challenge. It was interesting to watch - when I could - the volunteers challenge everything in their life. The goal was to wake people up and have them start looking at their lives through a different lens. They were asked to be honest and specific while dealing with their INTERNAL feelings, or internal clutter as I refer to it.

In one of the many exercises, Dr. Phil talks about the "tapes" playing in our heads: " Think of a big tape player in your head playing a continuous loop. The message that is repeated over and over becomes so well learned that it becomes an automatic belief. It's time to go into slow motion for a few minutes and get in touch with what you've been telling yourself. It's time to talk about your tapes."

Dr. Phil then asks, "What are your tapes playing?"

So I want to ask you:

  • What tapes are running through your head regarding your paper clutter?
  • What tapes are running through your head regarding your saving, hoarding or pack ratting of papers?
  • What tapes are playing in your head that cause you to continue to save unnecessary mail and papers you don't really need or read?
  • What tapes are running through your head when you can't make a decision on what to keep or toss?
  • What tapes are playing in your head when you continue to add more papers to your piles?


You grew up during The Great Depression Era where a piece of twine was as valuable as a piece of fresh fruit.

…You were told to never throw anything away that still had "life" in it, "just in case," or "it's still good for something".

... You were told to hold onto every utility bill stud, paycheck stub, cancelled checks and other papers that you might not really need to hold on to anymore.

…You feel you're not good enough for anybody or anything and your paper piles temporarily fill your emptiness.

…You always have good intentions of reading it "someday".

…You are buried in pain and sadness from the past.

…You feel shame, failure, or embarrassment from all your paper clutter and hoarding.

…You feel unimportant or undesired.

OR MAYBE you were told you would NEVER have anything!

Then you're A VICTIM!

Dr. Phil goes on to say that we need to name our pain, reveal the pain so we can move forward. We have all been a victim of something. Some wrong doing to our bodies. Some wrong talk of our being. Some injustice to our way of thinking or dealing with stuff.

Discovering who or what victimized you can be a powerful release for you, but how do you find it?

Try answering the questions below honestly and to the best of your ability. Write your answers out. Let the pain and sadness pour out on the paper. Cry, scream, let it out, and let it go!

  • Who might have hurt you or what deep sadness have you been carrying around?
  • What are you keeping locked up deep down inside you?
  • What secrets are you carrying around with you and possibly using your "stuff" to hide behind?
  • When are you going to open up to yourself? Will today be the day?
  • When were you a victim?
  • What was done or not done to you?
  • What was given or not given to you?
  • What was said or told to you over and over again?
  • Where is all the anger, fear, and pain coming from? Is it something you've never dealt with?
  • Why won't you talk to yourself or someone about it?
  • How are you going to deal with it?

To gain control of your life, your stuff, and the tapes running through your head you MUST STOP playing the victim! You will have to get emotionally closer to your sadness and pain before it can be released or dealt with. You must give your sadness and pain a voice. One day you must make a turn in your life and deal with it. Why not today?

Don't let your tapes eat away at you silently - deal with it today and stop hiding behind your paper clutter and stuff. Allow yourself to go forward with your life and become clutter free.

Stop being a victim of paper clutter and get my first lesson free of my email course 35 Days or Less to Sorting and Organizing ALL Your Home Papers, which goes into detail about what the IRS requires you to keep.

Dr. Phil told the volunteers of The Challenge that they needed some new tapes to start running, and that if they couldn't do it alone to please get some help! He also told them they can't change what happened but they can change what will happen. You choose!

Isn't time to stop feeling or acting the victim because of what might have happened to you in your past? As long as you live in the past and have an "oh poor me" attitude you will NEVER be able to move forward. You are in CONTROL of your life NOW! You get to decide and take responsibility for your actions. Not the people that might have done you an injustice. Not the people that couldn't give you what you wanted or needed. Not the people that might have given you too much or too little. Not the people that have hurt you in some way. If you feel you are lacking something in your life then just visit any shelter, without judgment, and just see what lack really is. What do you have that you can give to others?

Release, unwind, and let go of the tapes that tell you you are not worthy, you have to keep every gift, you must hold on to items that are still useful, that you must keep just in case, or that you must buy, buy, buy.

You need to:

  • Address your paper clutter problems to find the solutions.
  • Stop believing what you've been telling yourself; "one day I'll get organized," or "I'll keep this just in case," or "I might need this someday."
  • Declare this a new day with new thoughts.

You NEED to get some new tapes in your head!

Today I'll start to get organized.

Today I'll start to learn what I really need to keep and how.

Today I'll start to sort through the paper clutter.

Today I'm willing to let go of items that no longer serve me, make me unhappy, have bad memories, or are no longer wanted.

Once you start releasing (giving) the things that might be causing your pain, anxiety, or sorrow then get ready to start receiving (getting) the things you really need, want, or have been dreaming or wishing for.

The Universe is very powerful and will quickly replace the things in your life that you've let go of freely with those of your true needs or desires.

Victim of something - probably.

Freedom to change and make choices - ABSOLUTELY!

The choice is yours ... get the first lesson free or enroll in the course HERE

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."

--Harvey Fierstein

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